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Fitness Coach Package


* Choose between the different packages.

Full blown coaching package that is the best bang for your buck.

What will you receive with this package?
1. Customized workout plan personalized to your goals, schedule, and weak points.
2. Macro / Nutrition plan catered towards you and your current goals.
3. My private email address for weekly check ins and questions. (Very fast response time)
4. My personal phone number for questions and concerns throughout the week. (US residents only)
5. My absolute best effort in helping you attain your goals and teaching you the way to do so.
 After purchasing this plan, you will receive a questionnaire within a few hours via the email you used to purchase the plan with. Once that is filled out and sent back to me, you will receive your protocol within 3-4 days.
-This plan is NOT refundable.
-Any questions about this plan before committing? Email info@tdofit.com
*Students qualify for a small discount, email me for more information.

"My plans work if you do".

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