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TDo's Six to Three Powerbuilding Program


This program is for those who desire to get incredibly strong on the big 4 lift while building an impressive physique at the same time.

This split is programmed so that you will be working with various percentages based off of your one rep max each time you're in the gym, followed by adequate hypertrophy work to induce muscular growth. The periodization that is incorporated within the program has one mesocycle being dispersed amongst a 5 week period, and having you in the gym 4-5 days per week. Each week you will be working with different percentages and sets/rep ranges for each of the big 4 lifts, ultimately leading up to a taper week on the 5th week.

Due to the nature of the program, you will have TONS of fun each time you're in the gym because there will always be a goal to hit per session. You will go into the gym with an assigned weight, number of sets and reps for the big 4 lifts, and naturally you will want to hit those numbers. 

*Be sure to include your correct email address when ordering.
*You will be receiving the eBook in PDF format & the workout program in an Excel format via email. 
*If you do not receive the program within 24 hours, email info@tdofit.com and i'll take care of it.
*There are NO REFUNDS after I have sent you the program. 
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