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One Time Consultation Package


This is the One Time Consultation package. 

This package is everything you need to get your fitness journey started! You will be covered with what you have to do inside the gym, as well as what to do outside the gym in order to encourage progression towards your goals. 

This package includes the following

- Personalized Training Program aimed towards your needs, goals, schedule, and preferences.
- Starting Target Macronutrient Goals to get you on your way towards your goals following IIFYM protocol. 

- Thorough answers to any questions that you may have pertaining to training & nutrition. 
- Training & Nutrition Tips & Tricks that have helped me along the way on my journey. 
- An Excel file for you to keep track of your training, nutrition, weigh ins, etc. 
- Cardio Protocol (If your current goal needs it). 
- Supplementation Recommendations.

NOTE - This package does not include weekly interactions and protocol adjustments. If that's what you're looking for, refer to the "Full Coaching Package" on this website. 
* After purchasing this plan, you will receive a questionnaire within a few hours via the email you used to purchase the plan with. Once that is filled out and sent back to me, you will receive your protocol within 1-4 days.



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